Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Website users are not required to provide personal information to use the site. The website will not be used to collect personally identifiable information, such as names or email addresses, unless visitors specifically and knowingly provide them. Any such information provided only will be used to respond to questions or requests for information.

Endorsements and links to other websites

This website provides links to other sites in the interest of KAFEGAMA activity. The links to third party websites are maintained by others and not the KAFEGAMA. Such links or references do not imply an endorsement by the KAFEGAMA. Because the KAFEGAMA cannot control these sites, they cannot be held responsible for the nature or accuracy of the content or services included in or linked to them.

The KAFEGAMA does not object to links from other sites to this website provided that: no relationship with the KAFEGAMA is implied or expressed by the link or the context in which the link appears, and the link opens this website in a full browser window and not within the context of the linking site, such as in an HTML frame.

Copyright/trademarks/service marks

The KAFEGAMA retains copyright protection on all text, graphic images and other content within this website. Unless a visitor obtains advanced permission, the visitor may not distribute the text or graphics to others, “mirror” the information on another site, or modify or re-use the text or graphics.

Visitors may print copies of the information in this website for personal use and may refer to the website in their own documents. However, commercial use of this website, and the content and services contained therein, is prohibited without advance written permission of the KAFEGAMA